Rotational Molding

Part Production:

We have two rotational molding lines capable of producing parts in excess of eight feet in length. 

Mold-in Graphics

Using special transfer labels, we mold graphics and logos directly into the part for increased durability over a vinyl sticker.

Insert Molding:

By adding inserts to the mold before the cook cycle we can create a part with threaded inserts molded directly into the wall of a part.

Fabrication & Finishing:

We can ship you raw parts as they come out of the mold or we can process them into a finished products in-house. We can also ship finished parts directly to your customers, reducing shipping and warehousing costs.

Foam Fill:

We can inject polyurethane foam into the internal voids of rotationally molded parts, giving them greater buoyancy, insulation and rigidity. Our foams are semi-rigid and Coast Guard rated.


While we run a wide variety of materials, the most common for rotomolded parts is Polyethylene such as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE and Cross Link.